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No. Maryland law states that an insurer may not refuse to underwrite, refuse to renew, cancel, or increase the renewal premium based, in whole or in part, on the credit history of the insured or applicant.

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Will an insurer consider my credit history when reviewing my auto insurance application?

Yes. An insurer has the right to cancel or non-renew a policy if you have filed three or more "not-at-fault" claims within a 3-year period. Comprehensive and uninsured / underinsured motorist coverages are considered "not-at-fault" coverages.

Can an insurance company non-renew my policy due to accidents that were caused for no fault of mine?

A homeowners' policy is a package policy designed to meet the needs of most homeowners. Although it may provide some coverage that you don't need, it is cheaper for the insurer to issue a policy this way, than to draft it to the requirements of each policyholder. The result is a policy that provides broader coverage at a cheaper price.

My policy has a limit for other buildings and structures, but I don't have a garage or shed. Am I paying for coverage I don't require?